THINGS WE WILL MISS – Written by the cast; Directed by Emily K. Harrison. Produced by square product theatre (Presented at the Dairy Center, 2590 Walnut, Boulder) through July 22. Tickets available at 303-444-7328 or 

THINGS WE WILL MISS is a self-described “Meditation on the Climate Crisis.” Couched in the form of an experimental theatre production, it is both a call to action and a recognition of apathy. One of the actors asks, “What can one person do?” Another echoes “What can one show do?” No easy answers. The apparent hope is that someone in one of the audiences will be moved to initiate a conversation with someone higher in the power grid . . . . who will then convey an original idea to someone even higher . . . . until eventually a radically new concept will reach someone who can actually command action. In the meantime, this well-meaning group of teacher and students express their fears and concerns in a loosely written conversation. 

The “things we will miss” part of the evening is expressed as the five actors walk back and forth across the stage expressing personal potential losses simultaneously. Things like fireworks – ice cream – pizza – horses – pop out of the mingled dialogues. One humorous listing caught my ear. One of the girls included “My Mom” . . . “My Dad” . . . “My little brother” . . . (long pause) . . . “Oh, OK, my big brother.” 

Their points are made through personal stories and ponderings. Emily Harrison as their teacher is often questioned and admits to having no concrete solutions, other than continued conversation. But the revelations do have a positive impact on your understanding of the issues. 

Do not go expecting a polished script or performance style. A great deal of thought has been put into how best to express their concerns – actually, more than concerns – about their belief in a coming cataclysmic event. In their belief that the rise of humankind – the Beginning – naturally pre-supposes that, at some point in time, there will be an Ending brought about by our own lack of forethought, greed and need for comfort. The honest expression of these sentiments is startling in its logic. 

“The mission of square product theatre is to engage in radical acts of inquiry that leave an audience with just as many questions as answers.” Mission accomplished. 

A WOW factor of 8.5!! 

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