My name is Beki Pineda and I am a passionate playgoer. I rejoice in spreading the word about the really inspiring theatre being done all over Colorado. While I have a degree in Theatre Education, I do not consider myself an especially learned “critic.” Rather someone who appreciates a good theatre evening, sees a lot, can write semi-intelligently about it, and wants everyone to know what to expect when they see a production.

As Danny Feldman, Artistic Director of the Pasadena Playhouse, said when winning a Tony for his group this year: “Our regional theatres in America, they are the heart of the American Theatre. I am willing to bet that the majority of folks here in this room and watching at home, the majority of them all had formative experiences at regional theatres. And right now, our theatres need us more than ever so that they are here for the next generation. We need everyone to support. To buy tickets, to become subscribers, and members, to donate to our theatres. Artists in this room, go back and do a show at a regional theatre.”