THE WHO’S HOLIDAY – Written by Matthew Lombardo; Directed by Heather Frost. Produced by Vintage Theatre (1468 Dayton, Aurora) through December 31. Tickets available at 303-856-7830 or 

You Say you’re not in the Christmas spirit?? 

It could be your head isn’t screwed on just right – 

It could be perhaps that your shoes are too tight. 

Are you not getting toys? 

Can you not stand the noise? 

No matter your hatred of all that humming,  

you just can’t ever stop Christmas from coming. 

A visit to Vintage is just the right trick. 

If that doesn’t work, you really are sick! 

Cindy Lou Who – all grown up and fine – 

Will soon have your heart back on the line. 

Sweet Jenny Weiss will charm and enchant 

Feeling sad? She’ll say, “Oh, no you can’t!” 

She’s sexy and naughty and pretty and nice. 

To see her perform, don’t even think twice. 

You will giggle and laugh and may even blush 

Coz you see little Cindy is a bit of a lush. 

In spite of her life, Cindy’s still very breezy. 

She makes celebrating Christmas seem awfully easy. 

So here’s hoping your Christmas includes food for a feast 

And maybe the Grinch will carve your roast beast! 

Whew – well, that’s enough of that. But I hope I got my point across. Watching Jenny Weiss describe the life of the grown-up Cindy Lou Who from the classic Dr. Seuss children’s book, then animated movie, then live movie, then everything else, is a treat all adults owe themselves sometime during the commercial madness that the holidays have (too bad) become. It will put back the mistletoe in your heart and spark up your holly. Jenny’s ease with talking to her audience, her determination to make the metre of the poem work and the surprises in the script are all enchanting. A Barbie-decorated corner of the lobby where she works at a recent performance was filled with laughter and smirks. NOW STOP THAT! 

A reasonably priced ticket, a 75-minute performance, and an open bar make for a great way to spend an evening. Treat yourself! You deserve it, you ol’ Grinch. 

A WOW factor of 8.75!! 

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